My first six months in recruitment

I made it! Six whole months in recruitment – Get in!

On day one I was advised the majority of recruiters don’t make it to month seven – and I can certainly see why.

Recruitment is bloody hard!

I was quite lucky in that I hit the ground running / got a bit lucky and filled 3 roles within my first 10/11 weeks, which was awesome, but certainly came at a cost.

I’d spent all my time concentrating on one side of my role as a 360 recruiter, and this meant that when I’d filled these roles I had a lot of cold calling to do, with a view to getting new clients on board.

This is when the role really started to get a whole lot tougher.

I can talk to humans reasonably well (I think), I know what we’re good at here at OX Seven, I now knew I could fill roles too, but just couldn’t get anything over the line in-terms of new clients to work with.

My evenings mainly consisted of listening to podcasts and reading articles on LinkedIn like nobody’s business, to gain any slight insight in how I could improve.

I’d go in the next day and make multiple calls, speaking with gatekeepers and the occasional decision maker – but it’d always end in rejection (insert tiny violin).

I refer to my previous statement – recruitment is bloody hard!

I could’ve easily given up and been one of the people that didn’t make it to month seven; however I am so glad that I persevered.

Although I still sit on the wrong side of good when it comes to sales and business development, my perseverance has paid off a bit lately, gaining 3 new clients in the last couple of weeks.

The moral to my little story is to persevere and keep going, at times the lows your job throws at you are brutal, but hopefully the highs outweigh them.

Finally, I want to say a massive thank you to Will and everyone at OX Seven that have helped me reach month seven; your encouragement, advice and guidance has been amazing – thank you!

Danny B

Dan Beecher

Rec2Rec Consultant

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