My Top Three Tips for Interviews.

My Top Three Tips for Interviews.

After a rather chaotic and unwarranted office move around today, a colleague of mine asked ‘what advice do you give to your candidates who are going to an interview?’ With a cup of tea (sticking to my coffee strike) and more bourbons than I can count on my hand, we discussed our views.

It’s important to note that these are my just my opinions, and I’m sure there are other recruiters out there who will disagree.


Tip 1 – On time is late. 

For me, it shows that you’re eager to impress if you arrive slightly earlier than arranged. A few years ago, someone who I really respect (who is now an Assistant Premier League Football Manager – just saying) taught me about the importance of ‘Lombardi Time’.

If you don’t know who Vince Lombardi is then I’d advise looking him up, but he once stated that if you don’t show up 15 minutes earlier than the arranged meet time, then you’re late.

Now, there’s a finite window here. You don’t want to be turning up to your interview an hour before you’ve agreed, and look extremely business stood outside the offices with nobody there, shivering in the rain. However, setting a good first by arriving 10-15minutes early is a great start to any interview.

Tip 2 – Be yourself.

I’ve covered this in more depth in my previous blog, but just because you don’t get the job doesn’t mean you’re not a great candidate. I strongly encourage every candidate to be themselves, rather than answering in a way that you think will impress the employer.

The employer ultimately knows what type of person they want in their business, and if your not what they’re after, then maybe its best for both parties.

If you put on a front in order to please the hiring manager, you’ll have to keep this front on for the remainder of your working career.

Your working day will consist of enough challenges as it is. Adding in being an actor to your daily roles to fit in will either result in you not enjoying being at work or worse, being fired from your role when your true colours come through. Be yourself.

Tip 3 – Interview the Interviewer. 

The hiring manager should want you on their team, just as much as you want the role. It’s a mutual agreement.

Make sure you fully understand the role by asking questions.

This shows the employer that you’re interested in the role. You shouldn’t leave the interview without a good understanding of the company, their vision, and what you’ll be doing day to day.

Changing your job is a big deal. You should make sure you know exactly what you’re signing up for, and make sure you’re the right fit for the company before you commit to a job.



Dominic Blossom

Digital & Creative Consultant

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