No rest for the wicked

The Christmas Break

What a glorious thing. Right?

I was concerned I’d not know what to do with my time off, but with family being dotted about the country and a 14-week-old puppy ensured I didn’t get to put my feet up once – so that was nice.

I was also crapped on with the task of the Christmas lunch. What is usually a peaceful, relaxing day filled with several hours of watching films and eating selection boxes, this year turned into a sprout induced stress fest paired with trying to catapult the dog away from getting in the oven every time I opened it.

Hats off to my Nan for the years of taking on that burden, hat back on again for her moving abroad and not passing on her culinary skills to my mum.

There was many a ‘next time you can do it yourself then’ thrown, a couple of eye rolls and one very dry beef. But the gravy was banging, and the potatoes were the best I’ve ever made.

I had a week and a half off… so why am I so drained now? I’ve been back in the office a day, I have one more day left before it’s the weekend again and I already need a holiday. I’m counting down the days until February when I get to go visit said Nan at her house in the sunshine and not make any of the dinners.

I vote an extra week of holiday for everyone throughout January for making it through the end of December. Well done if you’ve returned fresh and energised for the New Year, because we don’t seem to have managed that in our office.

All in all it was a treat. We were spoilt by our family, got to spend (just enough) time with everyone and have an orange twist Baileys hot chocolate or two.

But next year I’m not making the dinner – and will probably spend it abroad to ensure there’s no way I’ll be forced to.

Hope you all had a good one.

M x

Adam Williams

Technical & Engineering Consultant

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