Not everyone is like you.

There aren’t too many things I enjoy more than being involved in a really meaty debate.

You know, those ones that go on for a good 15minutes, where multiple people in the office are chipping in.

Everyone who walks past seems to get caught up in the conversation, causing all kinds of office carnage.

It results in Hermione* from the finance department (who’s currently googling stats to support her argument) being called into the office by her line manager for a disciplinary.

She’s been away from her desk for 45minutes and has been left 15 voicemails in this time.

She tells her line manager the reason why she went AWOL, who asks who was talking about it.

This sparks her line managers interest, so they both come back and join in…


I know what you’re thinking… ‘I wish I worked at OX Seven’


I’m not talking Brexit, or anything actually worth discussing.

I’m on about controversial, life-changing discussions, like:


Would you rather the football club you support win the league, or your country win the World Cup.


Do you put your milk in the bowl and then put the cereal in after, or put your cereal in before the milk?

(if you went for option A on any of these, please, please stop reading)


If I ever run my own business, I’ll make sure I ask something similar during the hiring process. You really can find out a lot about a person from such simple questions.

If you’d have asked a generic question such as ‘Why should we hire you’, I’m sure you’ll get just as much anyway. ‘Hardworking, driven, motivated, and a good team player’ doesn’t really tell us much, I’m afraid.

There are times when other people’s opinions literally blow my mind.

If England won the World Cup, it would be absolutely mental. Proper mental. A national phenomenon. The country would go mad. People that don’t even LIKE football, or know absolutely ANYTHING about football (forget the offside rule) get well amongst it, that’s how mental it is – but not everyone agrees with me.

I cannot believe it – maybe they do it to wind me up? but.. not everyone is the same.

We see things in different ways, we act and feel in different ways. Different experiences, different upbringings. Different thoughts.

So, a note (A4 sized) to self: Get better at understanding where other people are coming from. Otherwise, you may well get yourself into a bit of a pickle, Mr Blossom.

*Harry Potter character name used to protect confidentiality.







Adam Williams

Technical & Engineering Consultant

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