On a serious note!

I have somewhat of a cynical view of life at times and berate myself for it.  I admire those who have a positive demeanour and try to impose this attitude onto others around them.  With this in mind, and in an attempt to be benevolent, I’m running the Oxford Half Marathon for the Alzheimer’s Society.  Now I do a bit of running, but as the years roll by it becomes more and more difficult to find the motivation.  Much of the time any motivation I do find comes from my desire to try and be a sort of role model for my kids (you’ll have to ask them how that’s working out), and also to try and stay at least somewhat healthy – I love food so I need to balance it out somehow.  These catalysts are a bit selfish though so finding motivation in the form of a charity feels different, in a good way.

So, after that short and self-absorbed rant you know what’s coming next – the plea!  If any of you magnificent human beings could donate to a cause that has in recent times become close to my heart then I will be forever grateful.  Here is the link to my Just Giving page:


The Alzheimer’s Society is an amazing charity helping and supporting people with dementia and their loved ones.  My words won’t really do their work justice so please follow the link below to learn more:


Thanks for the support guys, and hopefully I make it round in one piece.

Adam Williams

Technical & Engineering Consultant

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