On the job training

One of the less enjoyable parts of the recruitment process is having to reject candidates based on a lack of experience.  A candidate asked me just the other day ‘how can I get experience if I’m not given the chance in the first place?’.  I completely understand this point of view and also the frustration that comes along with it.


Each employer is different, with some wanting candidates to be at a certain level so they can hit the ground running.  Others are more willing to train up individuals to the necessary standard.  While the latter is not always practical, I am a strong advocate that where possible companies should look at the core skills and personality a candidate can bring to a role and then train them on the more technical nuances the position requires.  I’m acutely aware that this is an idealistic perspective and may not be possible due to constraints concerning certain business needs, however I still believe it is something that can be aspired to.


As an extension of the above I’m always enthused when a employer has a graduate programme or academy associated with their business.  Bringing through a new generation of employees who really understand the company, their processes and their culture is a great way to ensure strong employer branding and a talented and cohesive workforce for the future.


So in essence I am a firm believer that the right people given the right chance at the right time and with the right training can end up being a employer’s biggest asset.

Adam Williams

Technical & Engineering Consultant

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