One of ‘Those Days’

Remember your last one of ‘those days’?

You know the ones I mean – It’s like ‘that guy’ no one wants to be…


Every now and then it feels like it could be one of those days – but then you actually have one – and you remember how bad they are!

Like everything going wrong and it feels like you are pushing a huge rock up a steep hill.


Well – for me, today felt like it was becoming one of those days;

On my way back from a meeting and having someone almost go into the side of the shiny new service car

Emails not working on either laptop or phone

Dropping my phone on the floor  – letting out a tiny squeak of worry as it slams onto a rocky floor

Realising I forgot your lunch in my car that I dropped off at the garage.


But it wasn’t one of those days;

The meeting went well (with many laughs had, a standard meeting with me), the person didn’t go into the service car

Emails fixed by the smashing IT staff

My Terminator of a phone survived the fall

Past Meg left me a sandwich and Ronnie had some crisps I could pillage.


Actually has turned into a pretty good day.

Don’t get me wrong, there are many hours left of the day- so that could change!


To top it off – Thursday is my Birthday and I am off Friday for my Dad’s Birthday!

And yes – I was his present all of those years ago – and he has been looking for the receipt ever since!


Meg Jackson

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