Paul, 57, Walsall

My article the other week was about being the best me. This week, it’s being the best you.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you’re all awful people – only a few of you might be. You’re mostly in the top 80% of not shit folk. And that’s because somehow, somewhere, we have a connection on the internet which has led you to this article. Anyway, I digress…

I saw a video a couple days ago of that 19/20 year old girl with the big sassy mono brow where Piers Morgan was being nice to her.

You know it’s bad when Paul, 57 from Walsall, with a display picture of an old family dog which probably died 6 years ago, adds to a list of Facebook comments about how off put he is by her and what her (I quote) “…” may look like. I think he meant her downstairs. But still, Piers was being nice. On what planet is someone else the idiot, and not Piers?

Does anyone actually care, Paul? Shouldn’t you be sitting on the sofa moaning that your wife hadn’t put in your TV dinner and not picking your feet up when she’s trying to hoover?

Why do so many individuals in the world need to take a couple minutes out their day to write a negative comment on something/someone which bears no relevance to their day to day happiness?

It’s 2019, haven’t we all moved on?

What differentiates people is their ability to say “y’know what, that’s a look” or even “woah gross” but to keep scrolling and let it go.

Half the girls commenting negative things probably have a poster of Frida Kahlo on their walls cause it’s cool.

This goes for Linkedin too. What a load of old moaners.

We all know it isn’t Facebook, but a meme is a meme and it’s funny on any platform.

You don’t get up at 3am, you don’t go to the gym and you don’t need to comment on how everyone else is running their business and networking.

Be a better version of yourself. Stop digging holes and focus on you.

Put your hoops in, Paul. Remember who you are.



M x

Adam Williams

Technical & Engineering Consultant

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