Pick a Steve

Mondays… am I right?

Look – I know its Tuesday, but my blog day is Tuesday, so stay with me.


My Monday Morning was a proper ball-ache.

Woke up early with the intention of going to the gym and kick-starting my day, get that blood pumping and those endorphins going! Only to be greeted with a bloody MAHOOSIVE pothole that completely f**ked my tyre up.

So, there I was, 7.20 am, on the side of the road, getting soaked by the rain, getting ready to change my tyre, in my favourite *soaked* Gymshark 2 piece.

“I can still make it to the gym”

“I’ve changed a tyre before, this will be fine”

“I hope that’s mud on my shoe”


When did they start putting bloody tyre sealant in your boot instead of a spare tyre?!

That wasn’t going to do the job of sealing the massive hole left by the pothole – no way. So, I had to call my recovery service and get them to take me to a local tyre shop.


And an hour (or two) later, I was on my way!


I was dropped off at possibly the best tyre garage ever – they were brilliant! 30 mins later I was out with a new tyre, my wheels realigned, advice and a bangin’ cup of coffee! They didn’t even mind me doing a small resistant band workout in their office (66 challenge).

10/10 would burst tyre again.

Hyped up on caffeine and a great customer service experience, I made my way into the office and managed to crack on with the rest of the day.


I guess what I’m trying to say is – sometimes tyre sealant just won’t do the job and you need someone like Steve ‘the Tyre aficionado’ to do an amazing job.


Don’t pick a tyre sealant to help you with your next job. They’ll just try to patch the problem until it gives way down the road.

Pick a Steve, who will solve your problem, give advice for the future and could supply a bangin’ coffee.



By the way – Ox Seven is a Steve.




Oh… and it wasn’t mud.

Meg Jackson

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