Prove me wrong.

Take a seat on the bean bag, it’s storytime.

I recently rejected a candidate for a client that I’ve been working with for over 12 months.

I know, what a horrible person I am. I’m now probably going to be reincarnated as a slug, wasp, or maybe even a fly, but I just didn’t feel they were right for a couple of reasons.

When rejecting a candidate we send out an email that politely (although it’s not always received this way) lets them know that we won’t be carrying on with their application.

So, I click the big red button.

Incoming call…

‘Hey, you just rejected my application, I was wondering if I’d be able to speak to you about the role?’


Fast forward 35minutes.

We’re still on the phone.

It turns out, the candidate that called me is good, Very good. And would be really well suited to the role.

Fast forward 2 months.

We’re not still on the phone, or married, or anything ridiculous like that, but after the call, I did put the candidate forward. I’m now sending her over an offer letter.

I’m absolutely fine with the fact they proved me wrong, which is the purpose of the email.

We’re all human, and sometimes, as recruiters, we miss things too.



Adam Williams

Technical & Engineering Consultant

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