Put your hoops in and remember who you are


Sometimes things can get repetitive and you forget to make time for yourself. Or you get married and let yourself go… either or.

If your life becomes a predictable circle of monotony, then maybe it’s time to take a step back.

Please note the following article will be incredibly superficial and potentially 7/10 lame but strap in because it’s happening anyway.

Over the past couple weeks, I’ve realised how un-Mollie I’ve become. I go to work, go home, walk the dog, make dinner and go to bed. Riveting – I know.

‘Being the best you’ can have different meanings for different people. For me now it’s half about getting myself back to 2 years ago Mollie who made 75% more effort with herself and half about being more fun.

Priorities change as you grow older, that’s a given, but why should the effort you make with the things that you used to love lessen too? How many things do you sideline to keep something ticking along at the detriment of your happiness?

For example, my nails  haven’t been remotely presentable for a good year. 2017 Mollie would have been distraught without perfect nails (told you it’d be superficial) because she felt way more put together and able to take on the world with them. This also goes for eyelash extensions, but I’ll try not to be too shallow.

This has slowly trickled over into other parts of my life. I’ve found myself feeling completely out of touch with who I’ve always been and things I’ve always enjoyed.

The things I wanted to perfect when I had all my other shit together are now in place. My job, my house and my other half are all perfect but all the other things I used to have, now have fallen to the wayside. My eyelashes suck, my nails are crud and I’ve started doing that thing where you only tan the bits people can see.

If there’s something in your life that’s not quite right, pinpoint it and see who/what/how it may be not living up to where it should and fix it. Nobody else is going to fix it for you. Unless it’s that you’ve not had a bath for a month cause your boiler is broken, then someone else really should do that. There’s no point getting in a funk and leaving it to grow, nip it in the bud and make everything good.

As the motivational 19 year old girls from Bolton on twitter would say, put your hoops in and remember who you are.

M x

Mollie Adams

Content Marketing Manager

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