Run fatboy, run

Anyone that knows me well, knows that I love my sport; I go to the gym quite often and have a really random diet, mainly consisting of meat (and beer at the weekends).

I have never been interested in, or tried running in my life; I mean actually running on a road – outside! Who does this?!

I decided to sign up to a ½ marathon a few months ago for a fantastic charity, which is very close to my heart.

This has meant I can’t back-out, I actually have to train and cannot leave it to the last minute, which is my usual sweet spot – somewhere between important and urgent is where I operate best.

Luckily my golf watch has an odometer, so has saved me a few bob on buying a running watch. This is such an interest piece of kit for me, as on one hand it shows me how far I’ve ran, at the same time as showing me how far I haven’t.

When I first started “running”, I made it out of my house, down the hill and round the corner (my watch tells me this is 0.1 miles) and then would stop and walk for about 30 seconds before starting off again; I was very much the lightweight of running.

Somehow, on Monday I just kept going and managed to complete 12.5 miles; this was ok at the time but trust me, I was suffering for a couple of days afterwards.

People tell you about the sore body parts – let me tell you, the hype is real; there’s a thought for you on this gloomy Friday morning!

Anyway, nearer the time I will drop a bit more information on my progress and details of the charity etc. (for anyone that is interested).

Have a great weekend guys.

Danny B

Dan Beecher

Finance & Banking Consultant

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