Same Same but different

We are a pretty eclectic bunch here at OX Seven. From music genres to food taste. Most mornings start with a bit of Hip Hop (Kanye if Will gets in first), then drifts into a bit of Indie, then can develop into full on Punk Rock after lunch and then a bit of trashy pop that we all sing along too.

Lunch is a real mix! Meat and beans for Dan, a bowl full of gains for Dom, sandwich or porridge and fruit for Steph, Mollie and I live on rice, sweetcorn and tuna, Adam eats pretty much anything and Will and Todd are pretty old school, -Sunday lunch, beef stew or curry. This afternoon we had cream cakes (well only me and Adam ate them!)

We all work in different sectors but our joys and obstacles are the same in Recruitment.

We all watch Love Island which makes for a great debate after lunch on who we like and who we think is annoying.

We eat different food and like different music but we all share the same LOVE of food (we talk about food all the time!) AND we all LOVE listening to music. We do work in silence sometimes and we are comfortable with it and sometimes we are ALL talking at the same time (competing for who is the loudest)!

We are a great team. Same same but different…


Veronica Winter

Health & Wellness Consultant

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