Is it me or are there more and more posts on Linkedin and other media platforms delivering self-congratulations?  The number of times I’ve been scrolling through recently and seen something similar to the following has become nauseatingly frequent:

“So I was cruising down the road in my new Mercedes E-Class with full mod cons the other day when I saw an elderly woman carrying a puppy surrounded by a gang of youths.  Without thinking I did a handbrake turn and parallel parked to perfection whilst undoing my seat belt and diving through the open window onto the pavement.  Quick as a flash I then performed a textbook roundhouse kick which wiped out all of the youths in one foul-swoop and saved the day.  Suffice to say I was just doing what any normal passer-by would do, but I have now been nominated for a knighthood for this act of bravery”.

The above may be over-exaggerating a touch but whatever happened to doing a good deed and keeping it to yourself?  My fear is that more and more people will begin to perform acts of kindness in order to boast about it later on through social media posts.  Surely we should perform acts of kindness because it is a basic human instinct to care and nurture, and because fundamentally it is the right thing to do.

Maybe I’m overthinking this a touch but what I do know is that those I consider decent human beings and heroes don’t ask to be congratulated for their good deeds.  I was lucky enough to experience such kindness recently through the NHS – you couldn’t have a met a more humble and caring workforce.

Anyway, rant over and back to scrolling through Linkedin for more humble brags.

Adam Williams

Technical & Engineering Consultant

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