“Sober curious”, Is it the new black?

After three mornings of waking up and saying “I cannot remember how we got home”, I decided that enough is enough and have decided to go sober for a month.

Its been a week now without a glass of wine and I feel great. I am sleeping better, have loads more energy and have dropped 2 lbs. My skin feels amazing and I swear my cellulite is vanishing.

This Summer has been pretty full on with festivals, birthday parties, an all inclusive holiday, lots of barbecues and a couple of bottomless brunches. I live in a village with three pubs and every weekend there seems to be some kind of a celebration. I honestly cannot remember my last day without a glass of wine, so I think its high time I gave my body a detox and a month off the booze. I am enjoying it so far and loving the results.

Alcohol is the legal drug that we all grow up with and it is so normal for us to drink until we are drunk every weekend and to have a glass of wine after a tough day at work. And what about the stupid things we do when we are drunk? Last weekend I pushed my friend home in a shopping trolley and pinched a pepper mill from a restaurant, why? Because we were drunk and being stupid. How often do we argue with our friends or partner because we have had too much to drink then have to apologise afterwards? Logical thinking goes out of the window and we blame the alcohol, the demon in the bottle. Alcohol cannot change your personality, maybe it just allows the worst version (or best) of ourselves to come out.

Research shows that Alcohol can change your typical behaviours and leave you without the mental clarity to make smart decisions. Long term drinking can shrink the frontal lobe of your brain. It can damage a whole array of organs, including the heart, liver, pancreas and stomach. Plus put us at a higher risk of Cancer and heart disease.

Trying not to come across as a Debbie Downer but maybe taking a month off is not a bad idea.

You will save a shed load of money, lose a few pounds, allow time for your liver to recover, not have to deal with hangovers, look and feel better. Alcohol does not always guarantee you a place on the fun bus, you can still have a good time sober.

Sober Curious: A book by Ruby Warrington : The blissful sleep, Greater focus, Limitless presence and a Deep connection awaiting us all on the other side of alcohol 

In her recent book, Sober Curious, Warrington says reduced alcohol intake“is the next logical step in the wellness revolution”, underscoring the absurdity of a day filled with yoga and greens being followed by a night of pummeling one’s liver at the bar.


Veronica Winter

Health & Wellness Consultant

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