Startup Recruitment Consultancy and the future

When there are 40,000 other companies doing what you do, in a highly saturated market, the question ‘how are you different’ is a really difficult question to answer sometimes. Identifying what is unique about a service which is replicated by roughly 39,999 other business owners, articulating that in to a concise retort can sometimes be really challenging.

Since taking the well-trodden path of ‘stumbling’ into recruitment nearly 4 years ago I have absolutely lived, breathed and sweated everything recruitment. Our industry gets an absolute hammering, and quite often rightly so. I have had the absolute fortune of learning from some real masters of their art (and I do consider recruitment an art, not a science) and the different approaches, thought processes, best practice and revenue generation ideas have fuelled my almost obsessive approach to doing it how I think is best.

Society as a whole is going through a period of huge transition, with automation, artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things providing a growing buffer between the days of old and a new age of efficient technologies. The only constant over the next decade is going to be change. How we embrace this change will define how we live. Some will reject the wave of digital intrusion and hail it as an Orwellian tool to keep an eye on us, some will embrace it with open arms (or robotic claws) and enjoy the easier life it affords.

As someone who has started a business in this transition, and in an industry which has access to some of the most intelligent technology, systems and hardware at the forefront of the revolution, how do I find a balance between this and the ‘human’ touch?

After obsessively studying this and hypothesising with colleagues, peers and even my Mrs (she sells Wedding dresses for a living – and is very good at it) I have concluded that all the technology is there for is to improve efficiencies, but should never be trusted to make an emotional decision. As soon as we take the emotion out of decisions, we create a transactional society – and where is the longevity in that?

I would absolutely love to discuss any element of this with any reader, so if anything above resonates with you, please message me and let’s talk on the phone, text skype, VoIP, Whatsapp, Insta, Snap, FB Messenger or we can be Penpals.

Will Grashoff

Managing Director

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