Stereotypical nonsense!

Absolutely bloody stereotypical. How many times have you heard someone talk about your profession in a stereotypical way? All accountants are boring, recruiters are worse than salesmen, all politicians are lying scumbags (although this is true) etc. You’re probably accustomed to assumptions whatever industry you’re in. While there might be an underlying truth to these, in my opinion, it is important that a rounded view is taken of any sector – afterall, there’s good and bad in every walk of life.

For example, I’ve had numerous shit experiences as a customer with car dealerships.  However, just recently, because the salesperson actually listened to my needs and didn’t try to oversell, I actually had a decent experience.  As a result, my view of this industry has changed somewhat from “they’re all utter rubbish” to “actually some are alright”.

Guess what, it’s exactly the same with recruiters. I’ve lost count of the number of candidates I’ve spoken with who’ve had bad experiences with recruiters and then written off the industry as a whole. This can ultimately be counter-productive for them moving forward, as that tarnished perspective can stop them from fully immersing themselves in the job-seeking process. I get it, there’s a level of precaution and distrust that exists, which has been formed through incidents that have happened in the past, but hey give us a chance.

The issue of stereotyping reaches a new level when it comes to sex, race, age and religion – a highly emotive subject which is probably best placed for another time.

Anyway, let’s move on. If you want to give us a shout we can try and alter any negative preconceptions you have of recruiters…..hopefully.



Adam Williams

Technical & Engineering Consultant

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