Still catching up from last weekend

I’m going into the weekend with no plans at all, which is great as I’m still recovering from last weekend to be honest.

It all started with bottomless brunch in Oxford with the work team, followed by a lot of drinks until the early hours – where a decision was made to travel to Weymouth on Saturday morning (circa 3 hour drive), to surprise some friends.

Of course the morning became the afternoon due a tiny little thing called a hangover.

I was so hungover in fact, that I got out of my car at the petrol station and got to the automatic doors before realising I hadn’t actually filled my car up yet.

The trip to Weymouth resulted in another late night of course; but jumping on a boat first thing on Sunday morning really woke me up. Getting 2/3 seconds airtime as you hit the waves does that to you.

The week has been busy too – I haven’t even watched Match of the Day or the latest episodes of Peaky Blinders and Power yet … I know!

So I really need a chilled weekend, however having no plans is dangerous because if someone asks me to do something I’ll probably say yes, and the rugby is on tonight … uh oh!

Whatever your plans are this weekend, have a good one.

Danny B

Dan Beecher

Rec2Rec Consultant

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