Stop wasting time and energy on unnecessary crap

Stop wasting your time and energy on unnecessary crap.

Now, I know you probably shouldn’t start a blog post on a negative note, but I’ll call it constructive more than anything else.

Time and energy are finite. You don’t have endless of either. As nice as it would be to have a supply which lasts forever, you just don’t.

I’m not saying time in the sense that you should quit your job and travel the world on your limited funds, but time in the sense that you leave a few hours in the day to get shit done. Things which are important to you. That stuff which so often gets side lined.

One thing I’m quite alright at is not doing something I don’t want to do. Was that a double negative? Who cares.

Anyway, I’ve found myself the last year or so becoming quite confident in how I can say no to doing something and not coming off like a total Debbie downer.

I’ve just become very aware of wasting time and with how quickly it seems to be going recently, I don’t want to be spending it doing shit things. Obviously sometimes you have to grin and bare it. You can’t keep ignoring the man phoning 4 times a day trying to book a visit to check why your sofa is so squeaky*, but I’d like to keep that chat to a minimum.

I’ve told you 100 times I can’t talk at work (I can but I’d rather you emailed me) so why do you continue to call? It ends up taking more time that it needs to, and you just do yourself a dirty.

“Isn’t it mad how quickly time goes” my MD says whilst I write this, as he stares out the full-length glass doors into the courtyard, like a young blonde actress would in a film would accept he’s neither blonde, young nor an actress. I’m not sure where it came from either, maybe his midlife crisis is beginning.

We have to go to work (so do something you enjoy), we have to do things we don’t want to do with people we may not want to do it with (so practise your “I’m happy to be here smile”), and sometimes we have to answer the phone to Sofology and spend 30 minutes repeatedly saying “it’s not because it’s new”.

Giving time and energy to things you don’t want to, will make you a better person long term. Probably. Maybe not. But it does give you a view into how precious time is.

Be selective with it. Keep some aside for you, and don’t feel the need to justify it.

M x

#WWPS – What would Phoebe say

Adam Williams

Technical & Engineering Consultant

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