Sunday funday

I bloody love Sundays.


Super Sundays.


Long lay-ins (I wish, my daughter gets me up at 5.30am – she has no respect for the day of the week).

Motivational memes on getting through the coming week.

Actually, I hate that last one. I shudder with displeasure every time I see someone post something on LI or FB about ‘strapping themselves in for the week ahead’ or ‘a reminder what you can handle whatever the week throws at them’.

Has anyone ever actually read one of those and got genuinely pumped up about the week? Or thought ‘do you know what, I was ready to pack it all in, but after reading those italic words against a sunset backdrop, I am going to get into the office and work my arse off’.

No, didn’t think so.

The only purpose these are serving is the lazy stereotype that everyone hates their job and does not enjoy where they work.

Pro Tip: Not everyone hates their job. Not everyone needs inspirational memes via catheter to make it through 5 working days.  I tell you what they do need. A little slice of respect. To be treated like an adult. A professional. Someone who does not need to be told that they’re going to have a shite 5 days, in order to be influenced by a meme someone has stolen from an art student from Illinois.

One of the best pieces of advice I was ever given was: “The vast majority of people are idiots. Don’t take any notice of what they say”

Try not to live your life feeling how someone else has told you to feel.

Will Grashoff

Managing Director

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