Take this to the bank and cash it

So, with the Forbes list coming out this week and showing us sorry-people how wildly unsuccessful we are, it got me thinking.

What is the market missing and how do I create it? How can I become as successful as the world’s youngest self-made billionaire, the Queen of Social Media herself – Kylie Jenner? Otherwise will I ever truly be successful?

Let’s take the ‘self-made’ label with a pinch of salt. If her older sister didn’t take to the stage with Ray J many dark moons ago, and her Mums ex-husband wasn’t caught up in all that OJ business would she really have been so successful?

Could she have put her money into creating the empire today which is Kylie Cosmetics? Probably not.

She was born, bred and pushed into the limelight. She already had a bank account bigger than most could dream of before she’d hit her teens. She was rolled out onto a platform and was lucky to be front and centre in part of the movement which is social media.

What do normal people like you and I (unless Bezos is reading this) need to do in order to succeed?

How do every day people even measure success? When you’re comparing your success with others it can leave you mucho unhappy with your own achievements.

Realistically, the chances of ever becoming a billionaire are mega slim. So, you need to get something tangible to base success off. Not old mate on the front page of Forbes.

Revenue generated for your business? Family happiness? If you can go on a lovely holiday every year without putting in a tonne of extra hours? 25 likes on your last post of a homemade lasagne? Your last house plant lived longer than 2 months*?

Don’t be blurred by the success of other people. Measuring yourself against those set up to succeed will only set you up for a loss, and nobody wants that.

M x

*Also well done if you can keep a plant alive that long. 2 weeks ago in my house it was like a mass green suicide pact.

Adam Williams

Technical & Engineering Consultant

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