Taking Accountability

Just to stand out from the crowd and do something completely different from everyone else on LinkedIn I wanted to write my first article of the year on my goals for 2019. I am not the greatest fan of the whole #newyearnewme philosophy as in personal experience it usually involves starting something with the best of intentions and then giving up on said resolution by mid-February.

However, for this year I am determined that I will stick to my resolution of taking accountability. Without being too self-deprecating I am willing to admit that I am stubborn and can be prone to making excuses. I hate being wrong and even more so, I hate being told that I am wrong. But in 2019 I am determined that I will try and change (at least a little bit) by following these 3 principles.

Learn from my mistakes:

Sadly, I have found that there are few things that I can do once and be exceptionally good at. Unfortunately as a result I need to continue to make mistakes and make sure that I take on-board what I did wrong and change it next time.

Keep a log of my goals:

I love a list and write them on a daily basis. But I do have a habit of writing them, being too ambitious and then just not following through. But in the spirit of New Year New Me it is worth a shot.

Don’t take things so personally:

Probably the most difficult one for me. I have a terrible habit of taking criticism (even constructive) to heart. But in the words of the great Kelly Clarkson (and probably some others too) “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”

Without owning choices, it is hard to make progress both personally and professionally. So, for this year I am determined to “own it”.

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Ainsley Anstess

IT & Cybersecurity Consultant

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