Terrible Interviews

Ever left an interview feeling like it went terribly?

That must be how Prince Andrew felt after leaving the BBC… but at least he didn’t sweat about it ?.

He’s had a terrible week because of this interview. Probably the worst week of any famous figure, and this includes the guy that ate a bull’s penis in the jungle.

This has led me to think of the worst experiences people have had whilst interviewing.

The moment in Friends comes to mind, where Rachel is interviewing with Gucci and her boss is sat on the table behind her. She didn’t get the job and managed to get fired – surely this has never happened to someone in real life, right?

Some of the horror stories I’ve heard are below for your entertainment:

I know of someone who had their skirt tucked in their underwear as they walked into the interview room – embarrassing start.

Someone actually answered the question “what are your pet hates?” with “spiders and sharks”. Who the hell has a pet shark? Apart from Ron Burgendy of course!

A guy had a fantastic idea to take a box of chocolates in to his interview as a gift for the interviewers. I mean, a bit of bribery sometimes works I suppose. Unfortunately for him, the company was in the food industry and had a strict no nuts policy. It’s fair to say that panic set in really quickly, he’d of had a better reaction if he’d pulled an AK47 out I think.

From the recruiter side of the fence, someone (who will remain nameless) sent a candidate to the wrong company for an interview. They advised them when they arrived that their name wasn’t down and no interview was booked in. Luckily for her, they decided to interview her anyway, and you’ve guessed it.. she got the job!

Its fair to say that interviews aren’t easy, but if you have a bad one the best thing to do is just crack on, learn from it and move on to the next one.

Whilst you’re here I’m going to give you an advanced warning – I’ll probably write about Christmas next week, as I’m off to the Christmas market tomorrow and it’s the OX Seven Christmas party next Friday.

Have an awesome weekend!

Danny B

Dan Beecher

Rec2Rec Consultant

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