The 3 month itch

The ‘3 month itch’ as a Recruitment Consultant.  What’s this?  When I first came into the world of recruitment my manager warned me of the ‘3 month itch’.  The premise is that you come into the industry filled with enthusiasm thinking of all the perks involved, especially when it comes to commission earnings.  However, over the ensuing weeks and months you begin to realise that it is a very challenging job and the turn-around time in finding the right candidates for the right roles, accompanied by building a client pipeline, can be a lengthy and frustrating process.  Initially I thought that he was over-exaggerating and slightly dismissed his remarks as a bit of fear-mongering so I wouldn’t rest on my laurels.


I am now 3 and a half months into my tenure I now know exactly what he means.  I have frequently questioned my ability and at times felt out of my depth.  However, I can categorically say that all of the above is far outweighed by the rewards you get from being a consultant.  Helping people find a job and the positive impact it can have on their lives is truly an amazing feeling.  Visiting clients and learning about a wide range of different industries is like being re-educated about the world of work.  Being part of a growing team that are all pulling in the same direction towards a common goal reinstalls my faith that I came on board for the right reasons.


The recruitment sector gets a bad rep at times, and in some instances justifiably so, but when you put the candidate and client’s wellbeing at the heart of your processes you can rest easy knowing you’ve tried to provide the best possible service.  At the end of the day monetary rewards are a really ‘nice to have’ but for me they will always be trumped by job satisfaction.  So while I continue to have a slight itch, which rears its head from time to time, I know I have the necessary support network and surroundings to scratch it.

Adam Williams

Technical & Engineering Consultant

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