The easiest way to learn.

The easiest way to learn.


I’ve always been a big believer in personal development, and hate the feeling of ‘coasting’.

I have a lot of respect for people that display knowledge and can openly talk about a subject matter in which I have no idea about. I also applaud people that are bilingual, creative, and/or instrumentalists. Hats off to you if you’re all of these.

I once bought a rather expensive keyboard on a 12-month finance scheme but never stuck to it. I’ve also downloaded the ‘Duolingo’ app in an attempt to learn Spanish, but can still only just about pronounce the word Despacito.

There are lots of clever people out there and every person you meet, is a brand new opportunity to learn something new.

You should become a knowledge thief.

They’ve spent hours, months, or even years sieving through books to learn this information, and you’re able to ask them questions that will summarise and condense all this information for you to steal from them. Chances are they’ve also had completely different experiences in life to you, and visited places you’ve never been before.


My job is to talk to people. Different people every day. Which is one of the reasons which I really enjoy what I do.

I also live with an extremely diverse group of people – an ex-professional clay pigeon shooter, an entrepreneur, a beauty therapist, a paramedic, a paint buyer, and a digital marketer. I’ve already learned a lot from this group, let alone all the other people I come across on a daily basis.

I also work in a team that come from completely different backgrounds – a gin expert/part-time interior designer who advises me daily on how to make my desk look pretty (I’m still working on it). A full-time comedian, a Brummy crisp-loving LinkedIn celeb, an on-call IT technician, and a parent that seems to know a lot about everything (except when to show the winger down the line). I’ll let you all work who is who.


Keep learning, talk to people, and become a knowledge thief. Everybody has something they can teach you.


Adam Williams

Technical & Engineering Consultant

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