The resignation decision.

Whenever I speak to a candidate, there is normally a succinct hesitation as they almost feel like they’re ‘confessing’ that they’re unemployed.

Unemployment can happen for a number of reasons. It is rarely a  chosen employment status, and generally happens due to unforeseen circumstances – redundancy, a contract being terminated, or really not enjoying your role.

Story time.

Around six months ago, a good friend of mine was really not enjoying their job. They had stuck it out for a long time despite not being happy. They asked me what they should do and I gave the traditional advice that you’d expect: look on and upload your CV to a number of different job boards, speak to recruiters and look online.

“Be patient, the right role will come round soon.”

“But I want to leave now” they said.

My honest opinion and the advice that I gave, was that they should stay in their current role until they had secured something else. They worked in a rather niche industry and vacancies with the hours and salary they desired within this location were very infrequent.

They handed in their notice, and walked out the door two weeks later.

Fast-forward four weeks, they had started a new role which was exactly what they were after. Asking them if they felt handing in their notice was the right thing to do at the time, they said ‘absolutely, it gave me a well needed break, and I was able to really focus on finding the right role for me’.

Without the reassurance of another role lined up and the safety of a regular income, for me, would be really concerning. Would you leave a role you were unhappy in without the confidence of those things?

What are your thoughts?

Adam Williams

Technical & Engineering Consultant

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