The Struggle is Real

Trying to stay fit in the winter can be a real pain in the arse.

Esp. with it being the season of overindulging on food and drink… More so than normal anyway.


But the idea of getting up early, waking up to a cold, dark and usually wet morning, is just a bit soul-destroying. Right?

And if you’re anything like me, the likelihood of hurting yourself exercising in the dark is very high!


So, you decide to go to the gym instead. It’s a bit warmer, definitely dryer and it’s the winter, it’ll be quiet. Easy.

Wrong – well, it is if you go to my gym! You make your journey to the gym, but you’re met with a small car park that is completely filled, with nowhere to park and there is a queue of cars waiting, hoping for space so they can beat the cold and have their last moment of laziness before the gym.

So, you park around the corner… But wait, the short cut is blocked due to a building site, so you must take the longer route there. This is only 8 minutes, but they are some of the coldest, wettest 8 minutes you will have.

But you’re in. You can do you work out now.


But wait – what’s that? A sniffle? a tickly cough.

No, you’re okay. No cold here, you’re over your cold!

So, let’s crack on with it… Or at least try.


Turns out, if you’re sick, going to the gym every day that week in the freezing cold can make it worse. Who knew, eh?


Keeping fit in the winter is important. And if you have the drive to go for a run in cold and wet – I salute you! Well done and you crack on!

But if you’re like me and you like to keep hold of your extremities. I suggest the gym and doing some yoga in the home, or the office (if you are me and Ronnie).


And the best part of working out from home? No disapproving looks for drinking some bourbon/wine at the same time ?



Adam Williams

Technical & Engineering Consultant

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