The worst part of my job.


Rejection is the most common human emotional wound that we feel on a daily basis according to Guy Winch, a qualified Psychologist.

Apparently it’s always been a thing – back in the day, we couldn’t survive alone, so being ostracised by a tribe was as good as being shot. Bloody caveman’s insecurities causing us modern-day problems.

Being swiped left to on Tinder. Asking a friend to spend time with you. Calling a company to offer your businesses services or receiving a rejection email from an evil recruiter (me) telling them I would not like to continue with their application – it hurts all the same.

This is a tough part of my job.

I feel like the Grim Reaper. Bringing misery to a candidates day.

I remember being on the job searchers side before – drafting up numerous copies of my CV, interrupting my families TV time asking them to proofread it multiple times (which probably tops the list of most boring things to do btw).

‘Yes Dom, it looks reeeeeallly good’ my overly supportive Mum tells me as she skim reads it. I’m well aware she hasn’t read much of it, and is far more interested in Molly and Tommy’s theatrical (and probably fake) relationship.

Her enthusiastic tone still fills me with excitement as I skip back to the laptop, and hover over the second button.

Application sent.

Every email. Call. Text – any noise my phone would make, is now ridiculously important and would need checking immediately… WHAT IF IT’S THEM?!

60seconds later, my rejection email comes through (I am often quite efficient at processing applications, especially if a Business Analyst has applied for my Senior Graphic Designer role)

At OX Seven, we do our absolute best to respond to every single application, whatever the outcome.

Because we’ve been there. We understand.

We encourage you to get in touch, in case there is anything we’ve missed (and because I like a good phone conversation). But, sadly, I can’t help everyone, and I really wish I could.

One of my most recent roles has had 148 applications, and I’m still yet to find the right candidate (if you’re an in-house fashion photographer,  in Banbury, stop reading and message me now – seriously….please).

That is a lot of rejection emails, and as a result, also a lot of disappointed people. By the responses I get to the email, I can tell, they’ve taken it personally.

I’m just doing my job.

And to all those I have rejected and will have to reject in the future, I am sorry.

Have a great weekend.

Adam Williams

Technical & Engineering Consultant

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