There goes my hero!

So, I was on a client visit this morning and after a productive meeting I felt I had earned myself a coffee and a toastie at a well-known food and beverage chain (so much for supporting my local community).  Anyway, whilst there who should walk through the door but none other than footballing legend Stuart Pearce.  This may not mean much to some of you of a certain generation, but for those who remember good old ‘Psycho’ from back in the day it’s a pretty big deal.  Let’s not mention Italia ’90 though.

Did I try and introduce myself?  No, naturally I bottled it, he was with his wife and I didn’t want to be an inconvenience – I bet he’s a top bloke though.  It did get me thinking about the old adage “you should never meet your heroes”.  I’ve always been unsure on this one, afterall they’re just people right?  However, there’s always that niggling doubt that you’re going to be an annoyance to them, or that they don’t live up to the perception you have of them – sometimes ignorance is bliss.

In this modern age, with social media being such an intrinsic part of our day to day lives, most people have some sort of media persona.  I find many of the personas people exude on social media platforms aren’t a true representation of them when we meet face to face.  I’m a believer that there should be consistency in how you market yourself on these platforms and how you are in “real life”, as this ultimately builds a level of trust, which leads to better communication and more mutual respect.

So, a call out to all celebrities from A to Z – keep it real!

Adam Williams

Technical & Engineering Consultant

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