Think before you apply

Seeking employment can be an arduous process with varying degrees of success.  Therefore the temptation to blanket apply for a bunch of similar sounding roles can be too much to resist for some, trust me I’ve been there.  A common thought is that if you play the numbers game then surely someone will want to hire you.  However, while this is a distinct possibility it can cause you more headaches in the long run.

Applications done on a whim and based on the job title alone become apparent pretty quickly.  A few key words might match up, but any prospective employer or recruiter worth their salt will be able to establish a candidate’s suitability within a couple of minutes of reading their CV.  Yes you may have an impressive education, or extra-curricular interests that make you endearing and personable, but what can you bring to the role?  How can you add real value to the company you’ve asked to work for?  What makes you different to all of the other ‘one click’ applicants that haven’t invested time in reading the job advert in order to really understand what is required?

If the above questions cannot be answered then the probability of you progressing onto the next stage of the process is quite slim.  Respected employers and their representatives want to know that candidates have a desire to be part of their business and its future.  If you cannot display this then why would they entertain inviting you in for an interview.  I’ve started to lose count of the amount of individuals I’ve spoken to who when asked what initially attracted them to apply for the role come back with “to be honest I just clicked on a load of different ones”.  Although for some this is done out of desperation it is still disheartening to hear.  As a starting point for the relationship between candidate, recruiter and client it puts us on the back foot and significantly decreases the likelihood of a successful outcome for all concerned.

So as a word of advice it is best to have a think before you apply.  By thoroughly reading the job advert and requirements you will become more emotionally invested in the role, which in turn will be conveyed through the subsequent conversations you have with potential employers and recruiters alike.  This will begin to set you apart from the rest of the field and drastically increase your chances of finding and securing the right job for you.

Adam Williams

Technical & Engineering Consultant

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