Top traits you need as a recruiter

I don’t think it is too unreasonable to say that when it comes to recruiters a lot of people have very negative perceptions. I had a conversation with a candidate earlier today who, by their admission, had a pretty terrible perception of recruiters and recruitment as an industry. So, I got to thinking, what makes a good recruiter? These are the top traits that I came up with:

Empathy – as a recruiter you are speaking to people every single day about an aspect of their life – their work – that is intrinsically linked to their happiness and well-being. If you cannot have empathy for candidates, who for example: hate their current job, have had tough personal circumstances or are really struggling with the job search, chances are you are not a very good recruiter.

Listening and understanding people is key to this role and fundamentally sets good and bad recruiters apart.

Communication – one of the biggest downsides to working in recruitment (in my humble opinion) is that unfortunately you are not always delivering good news. Recruitment would be great if you were able to constantly tell candidates and clients positive news, but sadly this is not the case. Being able to effectively communicate the good and the bad sets good and bad recruiters apart.

Respect – this one kind of ties in to communication and teamwork but respecting those around you is essential to being a good recruiter.

Respecting candidates comes in many forms; giving them feedback for their application (whether positive or negative), respecting their time and not wasting it and by respecting their decisions. Respecting by not sending them CVs that do not fit the brief and effectively waste by theirs and the candidates time.

Teamwork – it seems counter intuitive when at most agencies/consultancies’ targets/KPIs/commission is on an individual basis, but a key part of recruitment is working collaboratively.

If the people that you work with do not trust and like you, then what makes you so sure that candidates are going to like and trust you?

Now I am not saying that these are the only important traits of a good recruiter, frankly if I was to list them all I would get no recruitment done. But these are certainly a start.

Ainsley Anstess

IT & Cybersecurity Consultant

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