We are recruiting – IT Consultant

So, firstly the things that will probably interest most people:

First of all, we only do perm and FTC at the moment (although open to someone coming in and creating a contract division):

Basic salary £20,000 – £30,000

Commission scheme:

Threshold £3000

You get 15% of anything billed between £3000 and £10,000, and when you get to £10,000, you get the threshold paid out as well.

You get 20% of anything billed between £10,001 and £20,000.

You get 50% of anything billed above £20,001

If you bill a mean average of £15,000 every single month, you will earn an extra £30,000 on top of your basic salary (which gets increased at regular intervals).  I want people to be regularly earning in the 50% bracket (which some do).

We do not want to be like your regular, stock image, lack of thesaurus, transactional agency – we want to be recognized as being different. We are already well on that journey and enjoy being known as different.

We operate a truly flexible working environment. You can start and finish your day according to your lifestyle – we are all about delivery. Do your best business on the golf course? Play golf twice a week with clients. Enjoy networking in the evenings? Spend your time networking in the cool new networking groups (usually found in pubs!).

There is a shared ethos amongst the entirety of the team which is treating candidates like friends and treating clients like strategic partners. We employ a dedicated content and marketing manager because we see the value in what it brings to our brand (and we also bloody love memes).

It is an extremely difficult job, but you will already know that as you have successfully billed in the IT space for a number of years.  You must be adaptable, open to change and enjoy being an early adopter of new technology.

If any of this sounds up your street, give me a call on 01608 670531 or tag me in your favourite meme.

Will Grashoff

Managing Director

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