What a mistaka-to-maka!

We all make mistakes. Some bigger than others – like taking down a whole telephone system at a multimillion pound company with the flick of a switch – who would do something like that!

Advances in technology are constantly attempting to eradicate mistakes in order to save on time and money, whether that be through automation in the manufacturing process or producing smoothly running software applications, to name but two examples. With these advances comes an increased reliance from humans on technology, but I believe it is important that we don’t become lazy and non-committal as a result of this.

The danger is that we can become so crippled by fear of failure that we won’t commit to anything unless a machine or computer tells us to, but failure is part of being human and it is all about how you react to your failings and mistakes – it’s all about ‘what you do next!’

It would be all too easy to bury your head in the sand and palm responsibility for failings on to AI, but this ‘out’ cannot be good for your development professionally or socially.  Be willing to make mistakes and treat it as a learning curve for future reference.

So next time you make an error instead of cursing the hell out of yourself ask how you’re going to fix it and face it head-on.

Adam Williams

Technical & Engineering Consultant

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