What advice would you give your 17 year old self?

What advice would I give to my 17 year old self? (half my life ago!).

Well, I was in the middle of my A Levels and trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my life – strangely, being an accountant was right up there.

Although, at the time I was working weekends at Stowe Gardens, in the tea room … as a pot washer – this was one of the best and most fun jobs I’ve ever had!

The year was 2002, and I had one regret from that year – shaving off half of each eyebrow the night before the Download festival.

Having to draw them on for school on the Monday morning was a tad embarrassing …

2002 was a great year for music and films.  Eminem was losing himself, cleaning out his closet and doing it all without me, whilst also moonlighting as B-Rabbit (he was a busy man in 2002). Avril Lavigne told us how “complicated” it was to be in love with a “sk8er boi”, and of course we had to deal with the Cheeky Girls and Las Ketchup.

Films out that year were – Gangs of New York, Lord of the Rings – The Two Towers and my personal favourite – Catch Me If You Can; has Leo ever starred in a bad film?

2002 was also one of my favourite years, as I met people that I now consider to be some of my best friends.  We’d spend most Friday and Saturday nights trying to get 20 of us into a pub in Buckingham, wondering which one of us would be asked for ID that week – we’ve all been there!

After that little trip down memory lane, I refer to my original question:

If I could go back and give my 17 year old self some advice, other than “Take that ticket to the final in Istanbul you’ll be offered, it’ll be worth it!!!” or “don’t shave your eyebrows off, you’ll look like an idiot”. It would be to buy a gym membership and actually go, as you can’t put a price on being fit and healthy.

What advice would you give your 17 year old self?

Danny B

Dan Beecher

Finance & Banking Consultant

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