What if?


Have you ever done anything that you later regretted?


Maybe it was eating that extra bit of cake.

Buying that shitty car from the questionable guy from gumtree.

Or not going to the gym for the 3rd week in a row?



I was thinking back to 2019 and thinking if there was anything that I regretted … That I wished I could do-over.

A few came to mind, so I thought I would share them with you;

Trusting a TGI Fridays when they told me their mashed potatoes were dairy-free when it was served with a knob of butter on it – as someone who is dairy intolerant, I was the knob for thinking otherwise.

Buying that amazing (£99) dress that I needed from Guess and wearing it once

Going on a bumble date with someone (let’s call him Cedrick). The best quote of that date is – “oh, you’re ordering a pint… That’s not very ladylike of you”

Letting the idea of singing scare me and turning down an opportunity being in a touring band!

No taking my motorbike out enough in the summer

Going all the way to Australia, Byron Bay and not going to Nimbin

Not seeing my closest friends more

Eating enough cake to go into a food coma and feel sick for days!

Drinking so much, that my thoughts hurt the next day


These aren’t the biggest regrets of my year (I don’t want to be a Debbie downer), but let’s say if things were different – I wouldn’t be mad about it!

I guess what I am trying to say is – don’t be the person that spends their time saying “what if?”

If you want to change something, do it.

Like your job. If you want to change that – you know where we are.

Meg Jackson

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