When you “can’t even”

I’m usually pretty laid back as far as things go.

Yeah okay the ‘once a month’ thing can hinder that, and strangely has for the last year or so, which I reckon was a major factor in my meltdown of a week. I’ve had such a rubbish week so I thought I’d let you all join in the fun. Here’s to feeling bad together. A problem shared is a problem halved.

Looking back, it was all a bit much, my poor mum probably thought I was about to take a long walk off a short pier the way I was going on.

Considering I got a puppy Monday night, you’d think I was in for the best bloody week of my life. My last article said how great change is, but I have a quick point to make. Don’t change anything when your hormones aren’t what they were the week before. Practise what you preach and all that – but really, just don’t.

I spent a significant amount of time Tuesday night (let’s not forget about Wednesday, too) crying in bed because I couldn’t cope – I’m not sure what I couldn’t cope with, but I just couldn’t. That’s weird right? Who goes into mad panic attack mode when a 9 week bundle of fluff comes bounding into their lives and shits all over their good rug? Me apparently. It’s not quite normal, but I’m sure you’re not all there either. It’s like when girls write “I can’t even” on someone’s Insta photo, but I actually just couldn’t.

I’m feeling 65% better than I was Monday, and its only Thursday so imagine how great I’ll feel by the weekend. I’m not sure which variables would have made what difference this week and I wasn’t in much of a position to change any of them, so you’ve just got to make do sometimes. Things don’t go your way and lord only knows how much easier it is when they do.

“When the going gets tough, the tough gets going” (I’m thinking more Ronan Keating with a big red sponge nose than cool 80s Billy). Sometimes you’ve got to make the best of a bad situation. I didn’t and I was ready to hypothetically ‘get going’.

I should also probably have a moral to this but again I’ve not thought that far and I’m creeping at 400 words which I’m conscious is borderline too many for a quick read with no real meaning.

Let that be a lesson to you all. Today’s takeaway – think before you start typing, have a bath and invest in some good sleeping tablets. Tomorrows – Chinese.

M x

Mollie Adams

Content Marketing Manager

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