Will the use of Botox ever be frowned upon?

I drive 32 miles to get to the gym. That’s commitment. I actually made it 3 times this week and I am feeling pretty smug. To be honest there are not many things that I’d rather be doing than working out. It’s something I have always done, it’s in my blood. I go to a Crossfit gym and I love it, one of the best types of workouts I have ever done. It combines cardio, weightlifting, gymnastics and all planes of movement.  It’s intense and challenging and it takes me an hour to get there from work but its worth it. I balance it out with Yoga, my own practise and Ashtanga.  It keeps me fit and healthy and keeps the flab and the wrinkles at bay.

It is said that Cleopatra used to bathe in Ass’s milk to try and preserve her youth and beauty. About 700 donkeys (!?!?) were needed to provide enough milk  for The Queen of Egypt to have her daily bath in order to keep her skin young and beautiful. (She sounds like she was pretty high maintenance.) Donkey milk is still used to this day in the manufacture of creams and soap.

Do you have a beauty or exercise regime that you use to keep yourself fit and healthy or believe helps to slow down the ageing process? 

I have worked in the Health & Wellness sector all my life and I have always exercised, it may seem a bit over the top to travel an hour for a work-out but nowadays people go to some pretty extreme lengths to stay young, fit and healthy:

The number 1 of the “keeping young” treatments are BOTOX and fillers – not for me but are VERY popular. It’s a bit like internet dating, everyone does it but nobody talks about it. Celebrities in particular are big fans but a number of Hollywood producers will not cast actors that have had too much “work” done. Marcia Shulman a casting director for Fox states  “I think everyone either looks like a drag queen or a stripper” OUCH!

Caviar is also a popular anti-ageing treatment. Rather than eating it (Vegans wouldn’t) Angeline Jolie rubs it on her face, in the form of La Prairie Luxe skin cream which costs £350 a jar and contains loads of the stuff! Plant Stem cell anti wrinkle cream is one of the latest crazes to hit the market too and costs only £100 a jar and if it works, is a bit cheaper than Botox.

To help fight the ageing process, and if you have cash to spare, there is always Plastic surgery. Procedures include Face lifts, Neck lifts, Eye sagging surgery, Abdominal Etching (drawing on a six-pack!), Lipo suction, Fat Freezing and of course Boob jobs and lifts.

Demi Moore likes a live leech on her face to detox her blood. Then there is the Baby food diet, not sure if this helps you to produce more collagen but will certainly make your bowels a lot more efficient!

At £250 you can have a 24 karat gold face mask. (What?!!!) And at some Spas around the world you can have a diamond body scrub! If you cannot afford to exfoliate with diamonds you can do what Christine Brinkley does and use Kitty Litter! Not soiled obviously but fresh out of the bag – maybe try the scented one?

Cheap as chips is cider vinegar – its claimed that just a couple of tablespoons a day is really good for you. Apparently, it boosts metabolism and helps to reduce belly fat.

It is never ending. The lengths that people will go to: Fire Facial, Bee Sting Facial, Bird Poop facial, Vampire facial, Thai Slap Facial, Snail facial: https://en.vogue.me/archive/beauty-counter/top-10-extreme-bizarre-beauty-treatments/


Tips to help you stay young include:

Use your Brain – Although not a muscle, you have to exercise your brain as you get older – to help maintain mental agility and function

Be Sociable – Join  a group, spend more time with more people

Exercise more – Best thing in the world for your mind and your body (I know I’m a Moody Mary if I can’t get to the gym)

Eat Oily Fish – Full of Omega 3 which is good for your heart and keeps your skin hydrated which means less wrinkling

Increase your intake of Anti-oxidants – Blueberries, Spinach, carrots, Sweet potato and Melon are good sources – slows down ageing

Protect your skin – Avoid smoking and be careful in the sun

HYDRATE by drinking plenty of fluids

Read more tips here: https://www.realbuzz.com/articles-interests/health/article/tips-to-help-you-stay-young/

So as crazy as it seems to be as obsessed with working out, it’s a fact that EXERCISING KEEPS YOU YOUNGER. Here’s the research to prove it:


I have worked in health clubs all my life and the people you work with are motivated, friendly and enthusiastic, they have a lust for life. Exercising is like a happy pill for your mind and your body. And I’ve worked in an office where NO-ONE worked out and it was a pretty miserable place.

At OX Seven, we all go to the gym or we run or go to exercise classes and everyone is Fit, Healthy and Happy. It’s a great working environment. Not many places I’d rather be except the Gym or the Yoga Studio of course.

Veronica Winter

Health & Wellness Consultant

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