You do you

I would love to be one of those people that is impulsive, but 25 years of living on Earth has taught me that I am just not. I bloody love a plan and sticking to said plan. Tell me a time to be somewhere and I’m that annoying person who turns up 15 minutes early.

Unfortunately, there are times in life that you cannot stick to your plan. Sadly, we will all have times in life where we need to deviate from our plan. As scary as it may seem at the time its not a bad thing. For example, if you had told me 4 years ago when I left university that I would go in to recruitment I would have said no chance. But for all my sins I love recruitment and am not scared to say so, despite the reputation that it still (sadly) has.

So, what do you do when life deals you an unexpected card?

Well you do what you can to deal with it. The outcome is very much dependent on the situation, but trust in yourself and make the best decision that suits you. People are going to judge decisions that you make. So, stop placing too much emphasis on their opinions.

We had a conversation in the office just the other day about the importance of gut instinct. Trust yourself and make the best decision for you and those closest to you.

We all have in some ways a fear of the unknown, but the extent to which you let that impact you varies massively. If you take anything away from this slightly rambling excuse for an article let it be to not let fear overcome you. Make the best decision for you and trust your own judgement when making decisions.

You do you.




Adam Williams

Technical & Engineering Consultant

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