CRM Manager


Not every customer that shops online is going to be a new one. You’ve worked in the industry long enough to know that retaining your customers, is just as important as acquiring new ones. But unfortunately, not…

£35,000 - £42,000

ECommerce Manager


 Not everyone realises that when you’re shopping online,  every single step can be analysed. You checking every part. Humans are simple beings. If it takes too long or is even a tad bit confusing, we’ll shy away…

£30,000 - £40,000

Product Photographer and Videographer


A lot of people think photography is easy and that taking a video is within their remit.   It’s not. You know that.   So, from capturing the images and video, all the way through to clip…

£26,000 - £30,000

Senior Digital Designer


You can recite the dimensions of a web banner better quicker than your phone number.   You also know your way around Illustrator, Photoshop, and Design like the back of your hand and in an ideal world,…

£28,000 - £34,000



Punctual, punchy and to the point. This might sound like something lifted out of your CV, but it’s also something you’ll be familiar with when writing copy. It can be hard to come up with new ideas,…


Account Manager


Remember that time you managed to finish your to-do list, with time to spare? No, me neither. Working in PR – you know that your work can never be put down into a simple ‘to-do’ list. From…

£27,000 - £33,000

Front Office Manager – UK/EU applicants only

Doha, Qatar

Remember being the kid in the playground who was always last to be picked? Maybe you were just a bit shorter than everyone else or just not as quick? Whatever it was, the feeling was not nice.…

To be discussed on interview

Spa Therapist (on hold)


Do you know that even though the human brain is shaped like a wrinkled walnut, if flattened out it would cover approximately 4 sheets of A4 paper? It weighs about 3lbs, that’s about 2% of your bodyweight…


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