Digital Accountant


Sometimes when you speak to the owner of a business and you immediately understand why they’re successful and growing (despite the monumental challenges the last 5 months has presented). There are logical and sensible approaches to simple,…

£25,000 - £35,000 + Bonus

Spa Manager

Scottish Highlands

Not gonna lie, I’m loving the peace and tranquility of lockdown, aren’t you? But enough is enough, doing whatever you like all day isn’t gonna pay the bills is it? All good things have to come to…

£24,500 basic plus £5,000 EOY bonus plus commission on products and treatments and free accomodation

Head of Accounting


Want to be part of a company who are on a mission to make a difference? They are striving to ensure clean, sustainable energy for the future and are doing a cracking job too. They operate a…

£60,000 - £70,000

Marketing Services Representative


What is the number one reason candidates give me for wanting to leave a job? Lack of progression. I am working with a specialist IT marketing services agency who lay out your plan and progression opportunities from…


Demand Generation Executive


You can just be in any situation and find someone to talk to or something to talk about Let’s be honest – you don’t always know what you’re on about, but you can hold a conversation and…

£22,000 - £35,000

Executive Chef


You’ve climbed the ranks, spent years perfecting your craft and now want to put a stamp on somewhere new? This is your chance. People come to this property and expect something special. With close to 100% of…


Spa Supervisor

Chelsea, London

Ever felt like you’re stuck between floors? Like in a lift that only moves you sideways? Not in a nice Willy Wonka way where it moves you in all different directions then finally lands in a magical…


Project Manager


Have the desire to be creative and do some good for others at the same time? Well, then here’s your chance to help change society for the better. Now that’s quite a big claim, but don’t worry…

£28,000 - £38,000

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