Customer Care Agent 9 month FTC


What does your office smell like? Stay with us… If it doesn’t smell like cocoa, then maybe you’re in the wrong job. Imagine a chocolatey aroma every day… what’s not to love? You won’t be on the…

£23,466 (pro-rated)

Assistant Restaurant Manager

Hoar Cross Hall, Burton upon Trent

Working your way up the hospitality ladder can be a bit of a chore. Not here, though. We want people to stay with us for as long as we can have you, so your wellbeing and input…

£20,000 - £22,000

eCommerce/Digital Merchandiser


Can you remember those ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ books? You know the ones – where depending on what you pick, changes the story. “You decided to take the forest path– go to page 16”   Imagine you…

£25,000 - £30,000

Bar Team Leader

Hoar Cross Hall, Burton upon Trent

What is service to you? Working on a bar already, you’ll know what first class service looks like, and delivering this with charm, charisma and flair will be second nature. You will be well versed with all…

Hourly rate

Food and Beverage Assistant

Hoar Cross Hall - Staffordshire

What is service to you? A simple smile as you walk past, maybe? A “thank you, enjoy the rest of your day”? There are many elements to great service, and that’s what you’ll be doing. Overseeing the…


Wholesale Coordinator


Remember the 1st time you traded something on the playground? You really wanted what the other person had, but they were not letting it go easily. So, you used your knowledge of what they wanted and gave…


Customer Service Rep


“You will never work in a place like this again – it is brilliant.  Fact!”  If you’re into awe inspiring quotes like this then you’ve come to the right place Enjoy being treated like a grown-up?  Who…

£18,000 to £20,000

Business Development Executive

London - Vauxhall

What is worse than a pushy salesperson? A few things, but that’s up there. You might not have a huge amount of sales experience (you’ll need to have some, though) or maybe you do and you’re wanting…

£24,000 + OTE

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