Senior Digital Designer

Location: Banbury

Salary: £28,000 - £34,000

Industry: Creative

Job posted: 25/03/2020

Type: Full-time

You can recite the dimensions of a web banner better quicker than your phone number.


You also know your way around Illustrator, Photoshop, and Design like the back of your hand and in an ideal world, you’ll even know a bit about Magento.


You’d probably class yourself as ‘mobile-first’ designer as that’s how most people shop these days.


But it’s not all about your skills.


You also know that to be successful – it’s impossible to do everything on your own.


To make things run smoothly, you’ll have to lean on the Ecommerce, Marketing, and Content teams, and use your experiences to lead two other Digital Designers.


The Creative Director will give you some ideas, but you’ll be leading the digital identity of the brand, managing from concept to delivery, so having that ‘get up and go’ is important.

When you’re trying to become the UK’s best-selling fashion and jewellery retailer, you’ve got to be different from the hundreds of other competitors out there.


Retail is seasonal. Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and Christmas mean there’s going to be a lot going on. So you’ll be pretty busy at times and will need to be able to get work done to deadlines.


Since this role is creative, we’d love to see a portfolio and we’re sure you’d love to show yours off. 


You get a salary between £30,000 – £34,000, which you may end up spending a chunk on the companies’ products thanks to their hefty staff discount.


You’ll start with 25 days holiday, but with each year you’ll get an extra day up until 33.


Let’s have a chat about it. Send me a connection invite and a message on LinkedIn, if you have any questions, or apply below.




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