Account Manager - Marketing

Location: Marlow

Salary: £25,000 - £37,000

Industry: Creative

Job posted: 03/09/2019

Type: Full time

Are you bored of working for a company that’s happy just ticking along?

Maybe your company isn’t open to trying new things and are content with just being ok. You’ll get more than that here.

There are over 25000 marketing agencies in the UK, you want to be in the top 1%.

Every marketing agency seems to have an award or two to brag out. This one has over 12 in the last two years, so you’ll be somewhere with a bit of weight behind you, voted the best B2B agency of the year 2017-2018 by the B2B Marketing Awards. That’s a pretty big thing to be a part of.

You’ll be working closely with Account Directors that understand tech, getting stuck into campaigns and projects and given the trust to do what you do best, manage your client accounts.

Staying set in your ways and not evolving doesn’t work anymore. Your Directors know this. You’ll be reactive and pushed to be more.

You won’t find a stuffy, corporate or tiring culture. Yes it’s a big company, but your department will have 25 people, so it’s a little more focused and you can build some solid relationships. You’ll be able to break off on lunch and play on the foosball table, take one of the communal bikes and pop into town for a coffee or you can just go and chill in the open plan communal areas.

What else is in it for you? You’ll get a salary between £25,000 – £37,000 – that’s quite broad, but it’ll just depend on what you’ve done before. You’ll be able to enjoy a little more ‘you’ time with 25 days holiday plus your 8 bank holidays.

Let’s have a chat about it. Send me a connection invite and a message on LinkedIn (Dominic Blossom), or you can send me your CV through the job board, or call me on here.





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