B2B Marketing Manager

Location: Banbury

Salary: £40,000 - £45,000

Industry: Digital

Job posted: 16/10/2020

Type: Full-time

When you’re a Marketing Manager, and work for a company you truly believe in, it makes the job a lot more enjoyable. Believing in the brands vision, and loving the products, makes the whole marketing thing a lot easier – you can really relate to the customers.

The company you’ll be joining not only have amazing products, but also lots of ambition.

They are founded by a young couple, and want to become one of the leading retailers in the UK. With headcount growth of 50 to 200 people in just 3 years, they’re well on their way.

If you’re into women’s lifestyle/fashion, you’ll love this companies beautiful products. Most people do, and it’s one of the reasons why they’ve done so well.

They’re affordable, and the collection keeps on expanding, from jewellery, handbags, purses, and pouches, through to home-goods, baby products and travel accessories.

They’re an omni-channel retailer, and you’ll be working specifically on B2B Marketing. You’ll need to have worked for a fashion/retail brand before for this one.

They’re already working with a number of the biggest retailers – including John Lewis, Debenhams, smaller boutique stores, and lots of others across Europe.

You’ll be creating seasonal marketing campaigns, campaigns for product launches and driving B2B customers to trade shows and events. You’ll be involved on strategy for shopper marketing (they’ve recently launched a new B2B site) and your ideas will be listened to on all things content across the B2B website, emails, and in-store marketing collateral.

You’ll have to be collaborative to do well, you’ll be working with a number of different departments – Ecommerce, Design, Marketing, the Managing Director, and the Head of Wholesale.

You’ll be completely office based to start with, and because of the type of role, and its requirements to with so many other departments, realistically you’ll probably be able to work from home once a week.

You get a salary of up to £45,000 – £50,000 which you may end up spending a chunk on the companies’ products thanks to their hefty staff discount.

You’ll start with 20 days holiday, but with each year you’ll get an extra day up until 25.

Let’s have a chat about it. Send me a connection invite and a message on LinkedIn if you have any questions, or apply below!




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