CRM Manager

Location: Banbury

Salary: £35,000 - £42,000

Industry: Digital

Job posted: 31/03/2020

Type: Full-time

Not every customer that shops online is going to be a new one.

You’ve worked in the industry long enough to know that retaining your customers, is just as important as acquiring new ones. But unfortunately, not everyone in your business quite gets it.

When you’re the CRM Manager and there’s a number of restrictions on what you can do, it gets a bit frustrating.

This rapidly growing fashion, lifestyle and jewellery brand have made customer retention a huge focus for them in 2020. You’ll lead that, as you’re the first person in this role.

You’ll be delivering and leading the CRM/Email strategy, using data-insights to develop campaigns, customer lifestyle programmes, and automation strategies to improve email revenue.

You’ll have one direct report, so must have managed before, and you’ll also work with an agency, so will manage the relationship with them.

You get a salary of £42,000, which you may end up spending a chunk on the companies’ products thanks to their hefty staff discount. You’ll start with 25 days holiday, but with each year you’ll get an extra day up until 33.

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