Digital Display Technician / Emerging Tech Guru

Location: Leicester

Salary: £40,000 - £45,000

Industry: Digital

Job posted: 07/04/2020

Type: Full time

INNOVATIVE – GROUNDBREAKING – MARKET DISRUPTING LEADER … These word and phrases are banded about so much that do they actually mean anything anymore??

Well the answer to that is simple…….

Are you working for a company that just pays this ‘lip service’……or one that actually lives by these ideals and deserves these references?

This is an opportunity to ‘Stand out from the crowd’ when it comes to digital display innovation (there’s that word again). You will have to be more than just an AV technician and know more than just to switch things on and off… need to have a desire to push the boundaries and learn not simply follow the manual. You WILL be writing the manual.

You will work with the Head of Technology in one of the most innovative Retail Display businesses globally, supporting, developing and often working in the field on groundbreaking solutions.

You will be part of leading the future tech of retail digital display and have a hand in collaborating with experts worldwide to get retail focused solutions out to impress and engage shoppers.

There’s the day to day admin and tasks such collating costs and information in order to keep the tech division running smoothly. Communicating across multiple departments internally,  around the world, you will, from time to time, travel (globally)  to engage with other teams or client, manage any issues, diagnose ,solve and test software developments in the field.

If you know how to project manage or install sophisticated technology into retailers, then I want to speak to you.

If you are looking to work on behalf of some of the world biggest and fearless brands then this really is the opportunity you are looking for.

This is a role where you can allow you inner tech geek to thrive and at all times do it with a smile as part of a supportive and fast moving solutions driven team, even when the going gets tough.

You will be at the leading edge, if you have that energy and focus.

Hit apply, drop me a message to discuss further or call me and let me know why this is the position for you!



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