Food and Beverage Assistant

Location: Hoar Cross Hall - Staffordshire

Salary: Varies

Industry: Hospitality

Job posted: 07/11/2019

Type: Flexible

What is service to you?

A simple smile as you walk past, maybe?

A “thank you, enjoy the rest of your day”?

There are many elements to great service, and that’s what you’ll be doing. Overseeing the happiness of your guests and ensuring they only receive the best when dining with you.

Little touches go a long way. Along with the usual upsell, second drinks, dessert offering and so on, the real service comes from your personality.

How welcome you make someone feel, and how much interest you take in their day.

You’ll be taking ownership of your tables, ensuring they have everything they want and pre-empting things before they need to ask. It’s about being one step ahead.

Little things like when you think ‘oh, I could really do with some tomato sauce’ and you see your server walking over with it already. We want those kinds of people. People who know what their guests want, before they want it.

You’ll be joining a family. At Be, we know it begins at home, so we want to be a champion of your wellbeing. How can we expect you to give your all if we don’t give ours?

Whether this is a gap year money-saving exercise, maybe it’s the beginning of a fulfilling career in the hospitality industry, or maybe it’s to work around your new family.

Whatever your reason to join us, we’ll accommodate as much as we can. We enjoy being flexible, so can offer a variety of contract lengths (from zero hour to full time). You will receive first-class training and learn from some of the best people in the industry.

You’ll get £8.21 an hour plus tips and your usual holiday and pension.

Free meals on shift, a complimentary spa day, free use of the leisure facilities and a discount on group stays and F&B. Live in available.

If you’d like to chat more about this position please get in touch with Will (Group Talent Director) on or call 01608 670531.

We understand you might not have a CV to hand, so you’re more than welcome to get in touch first and sort that second. Everyone who contacts us will receive a reply. Your time is valued, and we appreciate your interest in joining our family.




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