Food and Beverage Director

Location: Staffordshire

Salary: £50,000 - £55,000

Industry: Hospitality

Job posted: 05/09/2019

Type: Full time

How much influence do you get?

You read on all the adverts how much change you can bring, but what happens when this doesn’t come to fruition?

How much can you deliver when the company is quite happy doing what they do, in the same way they have done for the last 10 years?

Things don’t stay stagnant in the Food and Beverage industry. It’s changing constantly. You know this. You follow the trends, study service carefully and for what? To not be able to put it into practise.

Here you can, you’ll be encouraged to, in fact.

This might be because the property is privately owned. The Directors take as much pride in it as those who work there every day. The management team know what they need to do to stay on top and have every confidence in them invested to do so. You’ll go to the top hotel shows, you’ll visit your competitors and you’ll set the standards that others will follow.

Your knowledge and genuine love for what you do will lead you. Maybe you’ve been stuck ticking off the same procedures for a while, with nobody allowing your creative flair and excitement for next level service to show through. The finer details are the biggest and you know how to guide your team to see the same.

Being a leader, you’ll not be behind the scenes spending valuable time hiding in the office when you’re needed to set an example. You’ll be overseeing the operation. This way your team will be inspired and will never fall flat of expectations. Your guests are the priority and ensuring their perfect stay with you is why you do what you do.

Creating an experience which brings people back, which the team thrive in and one you are proud of. That’s why you’ll be here.

This is no small task. You’ll manage 6 outlets across a multimillion-pound turnover property, so it will be all hands on deck. You’ve got the team in place around you already, what you’ll need to do is come in, lay new foundations and drive where the departments need to go to stay ahead of the rest.

With hefty investment already, an ongoing renovation and an award-winning F&B department, you’ll take on something established and push it to be more.

And the important bit… you’ll be looking at £50,000 to £55,000 a year. You get access to an incredible leisure facility, discounted F&B, hotel stays and the option to live in is a possibility.

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