Junior Web Developer

Location: Kingham

Salary: £18,000

Industry: Information Technology

Job posted: 06/09/2019

Type: Full-time

You need that first opportunity to get your foot in the door.

To show how good you are.

You want someone who is going to give you their time and help you continue to learn. There’s nothing worse than being left to your own devices when you’re making your move into the industry.

Of course, you’re not the finished article but you’ve got the basics down, you’ve dedicated your time to becoming better and you’re ready to showcase what you can do.

That’s what you’ll get here.

The best thing? It’s a small team, there’s only 3 people – so you’ll be able to bounce ideas off the MD (Justin) easily, ask questions and watch him work. He’s built a solid client base with continuous development and websites to work on, so you’ll be coming in to some interesting projects straight away.

As your skills improve, you’ll get to do more. When you’re ready, you’ll be the one taking briefs from the clients, as well as all the hand’s on developing which you’ll do from day one.

What will you need? We’re not asking for that much. Some experience with HTML, CSS, PHP, a bit of WordPress would also be great. A bit of design would be nice too as you’ll need to create images for the website.

Maybe you’ve just finished University or college. That kind of level.

You’ll get a starting salary of around 18k. This will go up as your skills do.

You’ll need to drive (unless you’re connected to the Kingham trainline). The perk is looking out the double glass doors onto the farm fields and fresh country air, but it restricts access. Swings and roundabouts.

Lots of country pubs and a fair few animals, but not much public transport.

Let’s have a chat about it. Send me a connection invite and a message on LinkedIn (Dominic Blossom), or you can send me your CV through the website or (dominic@ox-seven.com). If you’re a talker, my number is 01608 670530.






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