Leisure Operations Manager

Location: Staffordshire

Salary: £32,000

Industry: Health & Wellness

Job posted: 14/01/2020

Type: Full Time

Multi-tasking is your thing.

You know those old cliches like “spinning multiple plates” and “jumping through hoops”? You’ll be like that here.

This is a big operation with a lot going on. You don’t really have time to take your eye off the ball and you definitely won’t succeed if you’re not a do-er. Taking pride in your Spa, being present and overseeing everything on the floor is important.

Since you’ll have already been an experienced manager, you’ll know exactly how leadership works. Teams work best when they are led from the front, when people are all on the same page and when they feel included. You’ll push for that kind of environment and set the standards for spas all over.

You’re going to be confident and capable, you’ll understand all elements of the spa from operation to financial to health and safety. Ensuring everything runs as it should, smoothly and without fault. When you have this many guests through the door every day, you need to be on the top of your game and not let things slip through or go unnoticed.

You run a tight ship and take pride in everything you do, and that should be rewarded.

You’ll be on £32,000. You’ll get a generous discount on food and beverage, spa days, hotel stays and retail. Meals on shift and a free spa day every year for a little more ‘you time’.

Send me a message on the website, LinkedIn or pop over an email with your CV if you’d like to learn more.



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