Maintenance Engineer/Electrician

Location: Hoar Cross Hall, Burton upon Trent

Salary: £26,000 - £28,000

Industry: Barons Eden

Job posted: 31/10/2019

Type: Full time

Being responsible for other people is a big deal.

You’ll have hundreds of people coming and going through the doors of Hoar Cross, and their safety is the priority.

Being a Maintenance Engineer/Electrician already you’ll have a good idea of what your day to day here would look like.

You’d be responsible for keeping the electrical words within the property in check and be there to fix any potential problems. You’ll also need a good understanding of the fire alarm system, PAT testing and emergency lighting. An all-rounder, if you will.

Your day won’t be limited to electrical work, though. You’ll do basic domestic plumbing and drainage, preventative maintenance on the building, pools, steam rooms etc.

You’re going to need to have a part 1 and 2 electrical qualifications and ideally some good experience in hotel or leisure facilities

You’ll be joining a family. At Be, we know it begins at home, so we want to be a champion of your wellbeing and happiness. How can we expect you to give your all if we don’t give ours?

You’ll get £26-28k plus your usual holiday and pension. It’s a big operation here and you’ll work hard and working hard requires a free meal on shift and regular incentives to give you more back.

You’ll also get a bit more ‘you time’ with a complimentary spa day every year, free use of the leisure facilities before and after work as well as discount for yourself, friends and family on spa use, food and beverage and hotel stays. Plus the team Christmas party, but we won’t get into that just yet…

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