Mid-level Developer

Location: Banbury

Salary: £35,000 - £40,000

Industry: Technical

Job posted: 26/05/2020

Type: Full-time

Now, this isn’t for everybody – only the code people.

So, all you fly developers, get on out there and code… Code I said!

That being said – Do you remember the first clean code you wrote?

I mean – you’ve learnt a lot since then and if you looked back at it now, you would architect the project in a completely different way!

And that’s a main part of being a good developer. You constantly learn new ways of improving the way you code and know all the tried and tested patterns.

You have worked with enterprise level web applications using Microsoft stack – you know the ones; C#.NET, SQLServer, Azure, MVC, and Web API. You have worked with the full stack before. Well, you have a great understanding of almost all of them and if you don’t know them fully, you want to learn more.

You can divide your time between different tasks.

That isn’t between coding only new products and moaning about how you want to rewrite all legacy coding. I mean that you can work between designing and building new features and products, as well as maintaining the existing product range and providing technical advice to the support team.

Like I said, you know the full stack, but within this team, there is a chance to learn and build your skills when you pair-programme and plan code up-front as a team. This makes the coding stronger and really solidifies the team’s best practice. The team and company aren’t huge, so you would really be making an impact in this role.

But for who?

You get a Salary between £35,000 – £40,000. Everyone needs time off and here you get 25 days holiday. As much as they would like someone to be joining the team in the office, they are flexible and understand that the right person might need to work remotely. The plus on being in the office is the fully stocked kitchen, summer BBQ’s, family days and the many occasions of cake or champagne celebrations.

Let’s have a chat about it. Send me a connection invite and a message on LinkedIn, or you can send me your CV.  If you’re a talker, my number is on the website.



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